A company logo

First impressions do count. As a company, you want your first impression to be good for (important) clients and business partners. A logo gives a professional image and recognizable visual branding tool. A logo can even make a company famous and is likely to be the first impression for future customers and clients.

Style and interior

When you welcome clients in your office’s lobby, you want customers to feel welcome when they enter. Interior can play a big role in this experience. Does your company’s interior match the image it wants to portray?

Epoxy Vloeren EU can probably help you! It is because of our craftsmen that we can add logos within our floors. These logos can be big and small in size. This way, you can truly show who you are as company to customers. When applied with consistency, it also improves the brand image for the company and the employees that work there. Besides floors, logos can also be placed on walls. Read more about the possibilities in ‘KRYSTALL WALL’.

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