Industrial Floor

Industrial floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU

Industrial floor are available in different floor applications at Epoxy Vloeren EU. Depending on the goals and desired properties of your project, Epoxy Vloeren EU can find the best solution for you.

Epoxy cast floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU

Epoxy floors are cast floors that consist out of epoxy resin. Epoxy is one of the compounds that provides the cast floor with a decent structure to deliver on its durable, solid and water resistant demands.

Epoxy Vloeren EU can apply epoxy floors on an existing surface in different colors, as long as the foundation is stable and flat. The floor height can be determined by yourself, but generally varies between 1mm and 4mm. Epoxy floors are completely seamless and water resistance.

Applications epoxy cast floors

Epoxy cast floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU are beneficially suitable for:

  • Laboratories/Operating rooms
  • The chemical industry
  • Cooling- and freezing rooms
  • Printing shops
  • Garages
  • Workplaces and ateliers
  • Schools
  • Storage rooms
  • Stores/Malls

Epoxy cast floors are recognized for their mechanical and chemical carrying capacity, wear, hygiene and impermeability. It are these qualities that make epoxy cast floors well-equipped for industrial applications and their challenges.

Trowel floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU

A trowel floor is a solid, tight and seamless floor, made from a mix of fine gravel and epoxy resin, serving as binder. The result is a tight and hard floor. As finish, an additional compound is added that makes the trowel floor resistant for dirt and liquids. Depending on your preference, the floor can be finished with a matt or glossy effect. There are additional opportunities to customize your trowel floor completely to your personal preferences. We are always available for questions and ideas to give customers the best advice and results possible.

Advantages trowel floor

The trowel floor is easy to maintain, as cleaning the surface doesn’t require special attention. It is advised to at least use a vacuum cleaner or mop once every week. Companies with larger surfaces can use a scrubber or other machinery without any problems. Trowel floors are resistant to chemicals, are shockproof and have a high impact resistance.

Concrete- and cement floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU

Concrete- and cement floors are relatively cheap, quickly applied, seamless and available in a lot of different colors and textures.

Because of the seamless character of a concrete floor, the surface is easy to maintain and is very hygienic. A concrete floor is applied much quicker than a tile- or a wooden floor. This is a core reason for business and factories to choose a concrete floor.

In the pharmaceutical industry, concrete is also praised because of its hygienic qualities and properties. The seamless structure of the floor prevents it from being affected by aggressive liquids or chemicals. Factories and distribution centers often choose for the concrete floor because the floor is placed quickly. Besides that is the floor strong enough to allow heavy trucks and machinery on the surface. High stellates and other heavy equipment can easily be placed. The concrete floor is better resistant to shocks and impacts compared to traditional tile floors.

The concrete floor

A pure concrete floor is made from sand being bound to concrete, which has to be spread equally and smoothly to create the best application. A concrete floor is applied in the last phase of the creation of a horizontal work or building construction. Think of loose surfaces like earth, or surfaces from sealed concrete that require a high carrying capacity, such as larger houses and real-estate. Other names for the concrete floor are sand cement floor, lubrication floor or completion floor

After applying the concrete floor, your floor or surface is ready for further applications like wooden floors, tiles, or cast floors. The concrete floor serves as floor refinement, mostly in technical offices and warehouses.

Different types of concrete cover floors:

Epoxy Vloeren EU produces and applies different types of concrete cover floors:

  • The binding concrete cover floor: This application provides a solid concrete foundation as it binds well to the original ground layer. This creates the ultimate foundation to further build upon.
  • The non-binding concrete cover floor: In this application of the concrete cover floor, a separation layer is added so your floor can’t bind to the underlying ground layer. It is important that the surface where the concrete cover is applied on is horizontal and dirt-free. An additional separation layer can be applied for this.
  • The ‘floating’ concrete cover floor: We apply a thermic or acoustic isolation layer where a concrete cover floor can be later applied on. Because of this layer, the concrete cover floor makes no direct contact with the other ‘connected’ layers in the construction.

Coating floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU

Coating floors are used to seal different types of undergrounds. There are two types of coating floor that Epoxy Vloeren EU supplies. The full epoxy coating floor and the water-based epoxy coating floor:

The full epoxy coating floor: The epoxy coating floor is used for a variety of business purposes. Examples include applications in storage rooms, factories, distribution rooms, ‘cleanrooms’ at chip manufacturers, indoor sports, production rooms (for both wet conditions and dry spaces), public buildings, offices, restaurants and corridors. The full epoxy coating floor has different advantages:

  • The full epoxy coating floor is completely seamless and impermeable
  • Solvent free
  • Has good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Has a high wear and durability
  • Universal applications in a broad range of applications and domains
  • Has a good connection on different foundations and ground layers
  • Increases the safety on your workplace
  • Is easy to clean

The water-based epoxy coating floor: The water-based epoxy coating floor is used for applications such as basements, warehouses and storehouses, balconies, galleries, factories in the pharmaceutical industry, and production spaces for different types of consumer goods. The water-based epoxy coating floor has different advantages:

  • Solvent free
  • Hardens quickly
  • Is wear-proof
  • Environment friendly
  • Has good mechanical, chemical and thermic resistance
  • Can endure dry heat and temperatures until 100C. For liquids, this maximum temperature is 80C

The MMA/PMMA and anti-slip floor

The MMA floor belongs to the strongest floors available in the industry. A MMA floor dries up quickly and can endure seven times the load of concrete floors., which creates a solid asset for your company that can’t be destroyed. The MMA floor can only be applied by companies that have specific certifications and the right authorization to represent the durability of the product.

Hygiene MMA floor

A MMA floor can be applied everywhere where the floor is daily loaded, especially for rooms where hygiene plays an important role, such as hospitals, superstores and food industries. The MMA floor is a recognized HACCP-approved product (HACCP are guidelines that ensure a safe hygiene for the storage of food). The MMA floor is ideal for public rooms where an anti-slip layer has to be applied to add extra safety.

Advantages MMA floor

Epoxy Vloeren EU wants to provide the floor that matches with your specific demands, while remaining true to the HACCP guidelines. We will ensure customers a worthy MMA floor, with the following properties:

  • Durable
  • Tough elastic properties (adjustable depending on the preference)
  • Wear-proof
  • Safety increasing
  • Seamless
  • Easy to maintain
  • Applicable in combination with other synthetic floor systems
  • Resistant to a large amount of chemicals
  • Available in a wide variety of RAL-, Sikkens- and NCS-colors

The PMMA floor

The PMMA floor is almost identical to the MMA floor, but the time it takes to dry up is shorter. This makes the PMMA floor ideal for MKB companies that can’t afford to be shut down long, like restaurant kitchens, bakeries, butchers and similar companies.

Epoxy Vloeren EU professionally applies both the PMMA floor as the MMA floor, having the right certification that ensures the floor with an impermeable property.


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