Exclusive Stairs, the finishing touch

Would you like to upgrade your stairhold?

You lay a screed? Or do you want to renovate your stairs? Have you ever thought about choosing an exclusive look for your stairs? Choose marble carpet, decorative gravel or mortar floor to coat your stairs inside your home, apartment, office, business, or commercial building.

If you choose a natural stone floor for your stairs, we will always work a staircase in its integrity. That means both horizontally and vertically, including the baseboards.

Depending on the intensity with which you use the stairs, we recommend that you choose an open (normal duty) or enclosed (heavy duty) structure for the cladding. Curious about your options for a finishing touch? See the different sections on this website or contact us for a free consultation.

Decide today to complete your interior and choose to let us finish your stairs with one of our applicable products. You choose not only for a luxurious and stylish finish, it also gives your room an exclusive character to which you are sure to impress your friends, family, business associates, visitors or customers.

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