Epoxy floor

Epoxy Vloeren EU design epoxy floors

If you are ready for an innovation in high quality flooring, the epoxy (cast) floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU will open up an entire world of new possibilities for you. We proudly present our highest quality work, which is a perfect combination of aesthetic impact and practical qualities.
The Epoxy Vloeren EU design cast floors are recognizable by its endless possibilities in color combinations. Do you want something truly unique? That little bit of extra quality and elegance? Let us help you discover your own unique style.
The epoxy floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU will transform your house by the seamless blend of floor and interior, which creates a dynamic and unique character. The perfectly smooth surface creates a slick modern look. The epoxy floors have a unique motive within their character, which makes them suitable for exploring daring combinations that never seemed possible before. By the combination of natural materials with synthetic cement like acrylate and epoxy, it is possible to involve such color richness in such smooth surface. The result is extremely solid. This unique appearance is enhanced by the wide range of colors, from deep black and soft grey towards natural tones or trendy colors. Epoxy Vloeren EU epoxy (cast) floors are applicable in every interior, office, industrial location, shop or home.
With this new generation of flooring, we leave the disadvantages of classic, polished concrete floors in the past. Your house will be ready for the future.

Epoxy cast floors: unbeatable in hardness

The epoxy cast floor is completely different compared to the polyurethane cast floor. One of the best features of the epoxy cast floor is the hardness of the floor. The floor is stronger than concrete. Also the shock resistance of the epoxy floor is unbelievably high. After the floor has dried up, the epoxy cast floor is two times as strong as concrete. Because of the hard surface of the epoxy cast floor, this floor is more often seen in industrial settings compared to living houses. Because of the hardness of the surface, its elastic qualities are less strong compared to the polyurethane cast floor.
Still not convinced? We would love to show you some epoxy floors in our showroom, where we will give you some personalized feedback for your dream floor.

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