Coating floors – Applications

Applications coating floor

Because of the comparable qualities with the PU cast floor, there are many applications for the coating floor. Both particular as businesses can profit from the practical qualities of a coating floor as the coating floor can be applied indoors and outdoors. The biggest difference is the lower price of the coating floor compared to the PU cast floor. Because the coating floor has a high push- and pull stiffness, the floor can withstand high loads. This makes the coating floor ideal for industrial applications in settings where heavy machines are used. Because the coating floor has a good resistance for chemicals, the floor would match the needs of the agricultural sector, farming sector, industrial sector and parking garages. For companies where hygiene plays an important role, like elderly homes and hospitals, the coating floor has the benefit of being dust repellent and liquid proof.
In short, the coating floor can be applied on every underground and in every sector because of its practical set of qualities.

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