Krystal Wall – Characteristics

Characteristics Krystal Wall

The Krystal Wall is a highly decorative quarts wall that consists out of a blend of recycled mirrorglass and an acrylate cement. The end result is a hard UV resistant surface that reminds of glamour. Krystal Wall is weatherproof, which makes it applicable for walls outside as well. Epoxy Vloeren EU possesses some patented color mixes and combinations that remind directly to nature as well. As a customer, you can always indicate whether you want to include a pattern or logo inside the wall. Choosing for Epoxy Vloeren EU means choosing for quality, as our craftsmen enjoy delivering great work. Your wall will not change color over time and stays true to its original color.

Steadiness wall system Krystal Wall

  • Solid
  • Seamless
  • Elastic
  • Highly wear/scratch resistant
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