Krystal Wall – Applications

Applications Krystal Wall

You can apply the Krystal Wall on each kind of wall because of the advanced acrylate binding from Epoxy Vloeren EU. Krystall Wall can be applied in dining occasions, moddern design houses, boutiques, haircutters and communities in need of a decorative measure. Krystal Wall has a flamboyant appeal and is a true eye-catcher. The Krystal Wall has the same properties as the crystal stone floor, meaning it has the same advantages.

The wall is seamless, very solid, wear resistant, liquid proof, user friendly, hygienic and stylish. The Krystal Wall is a suitable solution for both individual customers and businesses. Because the Krystal Wall is easy to maintain, the Krystal Wall is increasingly used to turn one wall into a mood deciding eye catcher in retailers, dining areas and even for walls outside.

After the workmanship of the Krystal Wall, a special coating is applied to increase durability. This coating also functions as an UV-filter.

Krystal Wall and temperature

The charismatic open structure of the Krystal Wall enables good surface heating possibilities. This is possible because of the small space between the pores of the material, which makes it quickly adapt to the temperature of the direct environment. This increases user comfort in every office, building or living room, as the temperature of the Krystal Wall automatically adapts to its environment.

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