Krystall Wall

Quarts stone

Have you chosen for a Crystal stone floor? Epoxy Vloeren EU makes it possible to continue the chosen pattern from your floor on your wall(s) as well. This way, you can apply a consistent style and unity in your interior. Or maybe you only want to have a unique. eye-catching wall to satisfy your wishes? Epoxy Vloeren EU can hand select the combination of colored crystal stones to make your wall become art.

Krystal Wall is a revolutionary application for your interior to cover vertical and horizontal surfaces. The seamless wall application is made from recycled mirror-glass that are available in a variety of colors. Amaze your guests with sparkling, crystal-like appearance, which also is a subtle eye-catcher at night.

Epoxy Vloeren EU offers unlimited possibilities to apply your favorite design on a wall to turn it into a crystal wall. The design can be fully made by the customer, or discussed together with craftsmen from Epoxy Vloeren EU that have over 30 years of experience. By using synthetic resin and a mullet, we can apply our craftsmanship on walls.

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