Trowel floor – Applications

Applications of the Trowel floor

The trowel floor is not only a practical choice, it is also an absolute eye catcher complementing your interior. There is a high offer of possibilities concerning the finishing of the floor. It is able to apply multiple designs within the floor, which enables options for logo’s or company names for professional use. This can be done in one color or a combination of multiple ones, depending on your wish. Trowel floors are made by hand, allowing our craftsmen to make your perfect idea come true.

By choosing for a Epoxy Vloeren EU trowel floor, you choose for exclusivity within a wide range of applications. Besides the examples on the website, it is possible to create your own preference and application. For further information, Epoxy Vloeren EU would gladly help your idea to be realized.

Trowel floor and floor heating

A trowel floor is a perfect match and combination with floor heating. A distinguishing feature is that trowel floors conduct heat well and equally. This means a warm and comfortable floor for many summers and winters to come.

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