Trowell Floor / Mortar Floor

General information trowel floor

The Trowel floor, also called Mortar floor, looks like a sturdy concrete floor with authenticity and the luxurious appearance of a natural stone floor. The Trowel floor is known for its enormous power, thanks to the thickness of 5 millimeters. A Trowel floor consists of innumerable fine gravel grains which are mixed with a two component epoxy resin and a hardener. This gives you a floor completely impermeable and is also very hygienic. The trowel floor is therefore very suitable to put in the bathroom or the kitchen. It would be wise to let the trowel floor finishing with an anti-slip layer. The Trowel floor will also receive a special top coating which is also resistant to chemicals, so the floor is also ideal for various business applications.

Origin of the Trowel floor

The Trowel floor was mainly used in the past as an industrial floor for business applications. It is therefore an ideal floor for settings where hygiene plays an important role such as hospitals, nursing homes or washrooms. Also areas where it is important that the floor is impermeable, the mortar floor is a good solution as working and washrooms.

For some time, the modern, industrial look also a trend in the interior architecture, so we see the return of the trowel floor increasing in bathrooms, garages, kitchens, living rooms and toilets. For stairs and walls trowel flooring is a popular choice.

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