Terrazzo Stone® Floors, only available at Epoxy Vloeren EU

In collaboration with a highly reputable supplier, Epoxy Vloeren EU managed to bring an exclusive product on the market for the outdoor flooring segment.

The standard is now being raised by ‘Terrazo-Stone ” from Epoxy Vloeren EU. An innovation in the field of outdoor flooring, because the timeless look of Terrazo-Stone is unique due to patterns of natural colors paired with a pleasing structure, your patio or outdoor area will never be the same anymore .. The Marble / Gravel granulate Terrazo-Stone are available in different shapes and sizes with unparalleled quality !. The combination of Terrazo-Stone and our special designed binder makes us the only supplier of these two very high quality products. Epoxy Vloeren EU guarantees the best performance and exclusivity of our Terrazo-Stone.

Terrazo-Stone is a carpet of marble or Gravel, every floor of Terrazo-Stone has its own structure and shade where each floor has its own character, so in most outdoor spaces a Terrazo-Stone floor can easily be made. You will always enjoy having a floor that constantly projects luxury and class.

The special formulation of our unique polyurethane binder “Super Polyurethane” Epoxy Vloeren EU is our own formula, you are assured that your floor retains it’s elasticity,tear-resistance and weatherproof. Our Super Polyurethane binder also ensures your floor to be operational on the same day and of course UV resistant!

Terrazzo-stone's key Features

Terrazo-Stone floors have a natural appearance and retain the heat better than ordinary stone floor tiles. The feeling of a Terrazo-Stone floor feels warmer and smooth on the touch. Even barefoot, a Terrazo-Stone floor  is pleasant to walk on. The floor is slightly rough so it minimises the chance of sliding. A Terrazo-Stone floor requires little maintenance and maintains a long-term natural and luxurious look.

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