Stone carpet and gravel design floors

Introduction gravel decoration floor

Do you want to unite the warmth from a carped with the rigidness from a stone floor? A stone carped is perhaps a fitting solution for your demands. A stone carpet or decorative gravel floor is a seamless floor that is filled by small round or flat stones, connected by a unresolvable epoxy harsh. It doesn’t matter whether you have a classic interior or a trendy industrial house, the stone carpet is available in all colors and matches in all houses. On top of that, it is possible to add specific patterns or logos. It is even possible to cover your staircase in decorative gravel!

Because Epoxy Vloeren EU works together with high quality glue, you are ensured to have a decorative stone carpet that maintains its color over time.

Stone carpet, the right choice?

There is a rising demand in stone carpet floors, which can be explained logically. Stone carpet has a unique set of practical advantages, which appeals to many consumers. A stone carpet or decorative gravel floor is a popular choice for many business relations that want to enrich their offices – showrooms – stores – sport halls – care houses – dentist practice – sauna’s – hospitality, and many more.
Also private consumers have a broad range of interest and applications for which they want stone carpet and decorative gravel floors. Epoxy Vloeren EU places floors in several living rooms – lobbies – houses – apartments – verandas – garages – bathrooms – terraces – staircases and kitchens.
Because polyurethane is used as cement, the stone carpet can also be applied on a balcony or terrace. Polyurethane ensures a elastic, tear-resistant and weather-resistant floor that has a high aesthetic quality. The colored quarts within the material also provides extra protection against UV radiation.

Your possibilities with the stone carpet

Choosing for a stone carpet or decorative gravel floor means choosing a solid floor. Even under high and permanent loads, there is hardly any trace of wear visible. Epoxy Vloeren EU provides many possibilities within the design and colors for your new stone carpet. Think about including logos, shape patterns, illustrations and lettering. Stone carpet and gravel floors is the specialty and passion of Epoxy Vloeren EU. We are confident to promise all customers the best custom-made floor on the market, fueled by your ideas.

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