Sport floor

Sport floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU

Sport floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU

Playing tennis should be experienced on a casted artificial pitch from Epoxy Vloeren EU. The sport floor consists out of ceramic coated quarts granulates that are combined with artificial grass. The advantage of the round shape of quarts granulates within the basic material is that water can be drained effectively. Sport floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU have a top layer that consists of cement and pigment. Because of this strong top layer, the sport floor is UV resistant so the colors are maintained over time. Besides that, the sport floor is water resistant, wear proof and resistant against chemicals.

Properties sport floor

The sport floor of Epoxy Vloeren EU has 4 unique properties:

1 Ideal shape and size:

The grain division plays and grain size plays an important role in the possible gang up within a synthetic lawn. The sport floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU are fully focused on the balance of these two properties. Because of the round shape, the grains don’t get mixed up in each other. This prevents the synthetic grass from being unequally affected. Because of the draining properties, the synthetic grains are barely damaged over a longer time of use. This manner, the initial quality of the lawn is maintained.

2 Ceramic coloring

The sport floor coloring process Epoxy Vloeren EU applies is based on a heating process in which the ceramic top layer of the grains is exposed under high temperatures. Because of this process, the color is ‘melted’ within the grain. This causes the pre-worked grain to be colored within the foundation structure. The color stays true to its new nature for a long time, as the color won’t be affected by usage.

3 Sharp pricing

The sport floors from BVB ARRT are priced sharp to increase the accessibility for society. This is made possible by purchasing directly from the supplier. Epoxy Vloeren EU has a its sport floors in stock, which enables a fast delivery and implementation.

4 Quality

A Epoxy Vloeren EU sport floor focuses on quality and durability. The sport floors we produce easily pass independent advanced testing, which makes us confident to assure top quality. Before starting on a project, Epoxy Vloeren EU always conducts strict precautions and measures to maintain this quality. Below, some independent tests are listed and elaborated upon.

ISA Sport:

The institute for sport accommodations have tested the Epoxy Vloeren EU sport floors on wear- and UV-resistance. After successfully undergoing these tests, the sport floors have been tested on quality, durability and safety.


LABOSPORT is the world leading institute in the field of independent testing of sport surfaces and sport equipment. LABOSPORT has extensively tested the Epoxy Vloeren EU sport floors on composition, shape, water permeability and structure.

Soil Quality Degree:

The Epoxy Vloeren EU sport floor satisfies the demands from the Soil Quality Decree. With a sport floor from Epoxy Vloeren EU, you don’t have to worry about soil pollution.


Applications sport floor

The sport floors from Epoxy Vloeren EU are meant to play tennis on. Because of the composition of ceramic coated quarts granulates and the synthetic grass grains, the properties of the floor create advantages for the game of tennis. Because of the good water permeability, the field is able to be played on in almost every scenario. The structure of our grains prevents the collection of dust in long periods of dry weather. As the shape of the grain is round, a player that unexpectedly stumbles during a game will less likely receive any wounds or galls compared to regularly shaped grains. The properties of the field allow for regular/good bouncing tennis balls that allow for (medium) fast rallies that allows accelerating shot-making.

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