PU-cast house floor – Applications

Application of the PU-cast housefloor

The PU-cast house floor is a plastic floor that is cast liquefied. In this way Epoxy Vloeren EU realizes a unique and dynamicly tightly cast floor. The PU-cast house floor are the same floors that are used in for example sport halls and office space. Other types of cast house floors are epoxy cast house floors and concrete house floors. These type of cast house floors are used especially in industrial spaces.

Make impression with the PU-cast house floor

The PU-Cast house floor is a luxurious floor that is ideal for companies in which exclusivity and status plays an important part. Think for instance of hotels, night clubs or big multinationals. The PU-cast house floor is also a solution for companies and institutions in which hygiene is of importance for example elder centra and hospitals. This is because the cast house floor is liquid proof and filth repelling. After all you can also cast the PU cast house floor as a terrace. This will ensure an immediate unforgettable and phenomenal first impression! And everyone knows: The first impression matters.

The PU-cast house floor & underfloor heating

The PU-Cast house floor is appropriate for all seasons. The floor is especially appropriate for underfloor heating and in the summer the cast house floor determines the ambient temperature automatically. This is why you will never be bothered with cold feet again with a PU cast house floor.

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