Polyurethane (PU) casted floors

The PU-cast house floor stands for exclusivity

Searching for a unique and exclusive floor? Choose for the Epoxy Vloeren EU polyurethane cast house floor. Are you open for something new and daring? In that case the polyurethane cast house floors or the PU-cast house floor are the right choice. The PU cast house floors are immediately recognizable by the motifs and the unknown color combinations that are combinable with every type of style. The almost unlimited color- and design freedom ensures that this type of floor is appropriate for every type of interior style. Even a floor with concrete-look has these possibilities. On top of that the floor can also be charmed into a real piece of art. The PU-cast house floor is ideal for someone that likes to give full vent to his creativity, because u can go every way with this floor. You are ensured of a real eye catcher in your house. De cast house floor is available in soft gay to deep black, but also in trendy and natural colors. The PU-floors of Epoxy Vloeren EU are ideal for various applications like in offices, shops, food service industry but also of course in your own living room.

Origin of the casted floor

Originally the cast house floor was mainly used for industrial applications because of the many positive characteristics of the floor. For example, the cast house floor is seamless, long wearing, strong, moisture proof and elastic. This is why the cast house floor is also a very hygienic floor that is very maintenance free. Around 2000 interior architects applied the cast house floor more often for both business clients as well as private businesses. Think of cast house floors in cast house floors in bathrooms, garages, kitchens, livings and toilets.

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