Marble carpet

Marble carped, customizable, made by Epoxy Vloeren EU

A marble carpet or floor is beautiful in appearance and has several benefits. By nature, a marble floor has a high price tag. Epoxy Vloeren EU has an alternative that makes the marble floor affordable: The marble carped. This synthetic/plastic floor is molded into millions of pieces of marble and seems like a real marble floor because of this. The biggest difference is the price, which is way lower than a regular marble floor.

The marble gravel are tumbled and impregnated. Tumbling ensures that the sharp edges of the marble gravel are removed to increase user comfort. Impregnating the floor results in several practical advantages, like an improved water resistance, higher durability, completely fungicidal and a better fire retardancy.

Exclusivity and luxury at an affordable price

The marble carpet breaths luxury, but also contains the advantages of a synthetic/plastic floors. Advantages include a higher durability, hygiene, seamless appearance, wear resistance and more practical cleaning. The marble carped can be sufficiently cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or mob, without damaging the floor in any way.

Our marble carped is available in different sizes and colors/combinations by working with a high variety of gravel. Characteristic for a marble floor is the unique overall aesthetic quality, which is remarkable and charismatic. Each marble carped has its own structure and color-tone, which allows it to match with all interiors. Depending on the indoor daylight, you figuratively and literally get a shining floor.

Also on your balcony or veranda, a marble carped would be a suitable choice. Because Epoxy Vloeren EU uses polyurethane in its cement, each customer is promised an elastic, torn resistant and weather resistant floor. An added benefit is that polyurethane makes your floor better protected against UV radiation.

Marble Carpet for each interior

Marble carped has a natural appearance and retains warmth better than natural stone floors or tiles. Because of this, the marble carped is a bit more warm by nature, which makes it a better experience for bare feet to walk on. The stiff structure of the gravel disables you from slipping away, making it a practical floor in bathrooms as well. A marble carped doesn’t require much maintenance and holds it luxury appearance over time.

Specialized in marble carpet

Epoxy Vloeren EU is specialized in the placement of marble carped. We would be delighted to help you get the exact marble carped you desire, whether this is for a living room, bedroom, bathroom or company. Our craftsmen make a one of a kind floor, which will boost the aesthetic and practical qualities of the indoor environment. Whether used for individuals or corporate purposes, an amazing effect on your floor is within reach by Epoxy Vloeren EU.

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