Glitter floors

The sparkling effect of a glitter floor

The glitter floor from Epoxy Vloeren EU will steal the show in our interior. Your friends, relatives, visitors and customers will be amazed by your floor! Epoxy Vloeren EU casts the glitter floor with special glitters, so your floor will shine bright in all possible colors. On top of that, a specific amount of glitter adds exclusivity and luxe to the appearance of your room. The glitter floor is a cast floor with all the included properties that the PU cast floor has. This makes the glitter floor seamless, hard, durable, maintenance friendly and wear proof.

Possible workmanship glitter floor

The glitter floor is a synthetic floor that is casted as a liquid, containing synthetic cement. As customer, you can choose between a matt or glossy top layer. Epoxy Vloeren EU can finish your glitter floor with an anti-slip layer as well.

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