Coating Floors

Coating floors: a different casting floor

Looking at their floor properties, a coating floor hardly differentiates from PU cast floors. They both have several color options and it is no problem to implement a pattern or (company) logo within the surface. This makes the coating floor highly customizable to fit within every interior, increasing its exclusivity. The coating floor is seamless, wearproof, and dust/dirt repellent. The last quality is ideal for people with allergies or for families with children or pets.

Colors and patterns in coating floors

The big advantage of a coating floor is that you are assured of a floor that other people don’t have or even know about. Because of the small thickness of the floor, the underground stays visible if you choose for a transparent coating. This creates unique patterns in your floor, respecting the history of the floor. This is suitable for improving the practical qualities of (for example) concrete or wooden floors, without losing their essential appearance. Do you prefer color? By combining different pigments of color, Epoxy Vloeren EU can produce practically all colors possible. The only limitation is your imagination.

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