Broadcast floor

The antislip broadcast floor

A broadcast floor is the perfect solution for a space in which it is important that you or your coworkers don’t slip. The broadcast floor of Epoxy Vloeren EU is namely always made with an anti-slip layer. This anti-slip effect protects against slipping even during wet conditions. The anti-slip layer is performed with anti-slip grains. This anti-slip layer can be performed in different gradations. In case you want, it is possible to remove the anti-slip layer later.

Origin broadcast floor

The anti-slip layer was originally developed in hotel chains by the Dutch engineer Werner Boogaard. The aim of the broadcast floor was to make bathrooms and space around the shower anti-slip. Afterwards the advantages we noticed to be handy for industrial applications like factories, distribution centra(internal transport by forklifts) and in the food industry. Another advantage of the broadcast floor is that it is a fully closed floor system. This is why it is a very hygienic floor, because filth and luiqids like oil or water will not be absorbed in the floor.

Colored broadcast floor

The anti-slip layer is transparent. This gives many possibilities to polish off the floor exactly to your wishes. Moreover we can process different patterns of for example your company logo in the floor. It is also possible to mark staircase steps or other different important spots in your space to make them stand out more. Regarding color you can choose different RAL-colors. Moreover you can choose for a very striking broadcast floor or a floor that has a pure industrial function and also looks like it.

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