Art Design Floor

Art Design Floor

You want a floor that matches perfectly in your house, a floor that makes the difference by blending in just the way you want it to. To establish a design that fully complements your interior, your wishes as customer may exceed the need of only a floor. Your own vision, designed to create a unique whole to make your house more than just one of a kind. A personalized house, in which no limitations are put on your creativity.

To create a unique customer experience, Epoxy Vloeren EU will soon launch a new concept in collaboration with Tomaster: Tomaster Art Design! By choosing for a Tomaster Art Design floor, you are in the driver seat of your project without needing any experience in design. Together with a specialized interior and product designer, Tomaster, you will take full advantage of the space that is available in your house. From now on, you can create the ultimate fantasy room for your children, want to create the ultimate mancave, or just want a tight minimalistic atmosphere with the designer help to make it happen. There are no limitations in this process, as the scope encompasses:

  • Floors, walls, staircases and ceilings, with patterns, logos or illustrations or text
  • Colors and materials, varying from krystal bright to rough natural expressions
  • Light effects, fully embedded within the floor or on the edges
  • Custom made decorative product design, symbolizing a one-of-a-kind vision

The mission and vision of Tomaster Art Design is to create the perfect solution for every house, combining different types of craftsmanship directly to the customer. Because however a project will grow, you are the only one that exactly knows what the aim is. By combining the expertise in flooring solutions from Epoxy Vloeren EU, with the design methodology from Tomaster and the creativity from yourself, a creative journey will begin. The result will be the finest tailor-made quality possible on the market.


Chris Tomassen, founding designer at Tomaster, is currently in the last phase of his education on the University of Technology in Eindhoven. Throughout his Bachelor Industrial Design, Chris has focused his development on industrial interior design, product design and interaction design. The results of his innovative projects cover a broad field, including interactive lights that react on smartphone activity and other Smart Homes projects (based on the Internet of Things).

Besides his curriculum, Chris has successfully completed the Honors Academy, in which he has worked with the smartest students from the University for 2 years. In these multi-disciplinary team projects, Chris has won design challenges and worked with world-known corporations like the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTC). In his research at the HTC, social behavior dynamics were re-designed to further accelerate the innovative climate at the campus. It are these projects that sparked interest to further investigate the possibilities within consumer homes, an environment where Epoxy Vloeren EU already has 4 years of experience.

Look at the portfolio of Chris to get an impression of all the possibilities.

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