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About us

History Epoxy Vloeren EU

Epoxy Vloeren EU is a renowned specialist in epoxy and polyurethane casted floors.

How it all started

Epoxy Vloeren EU has years of experience in the placement of finished polished concrete floors. Epoxy Vloeren EU started with large industrial floors in industrial halls. Since the march of stonecarpet floors, Epoxy Vloeren EU started specializing in decorative gravel surfaces. Quickly, the enterprise developed as one of the most well-known names in decorative floors, marble carpets, trowel floors, concrete floors, industrial floors and casted floors.

From small company to international player

Overall in Europe, Epoxy Vloeren EU has proudly build up its reputation: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Norway. Even celebrities and world citizens have worked Epoxy Vloeren EU to transform old floors in Dubai into designed craftsmanship floors. Epoxy Vloeren EU has mostly created unique floor carpets, walls, logos, staircases, highlights and designs. Epoxy Vloeren EU has had its most valuable connections in the Belgium floor sector those days.

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